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Small business owners: Let us help you reach new customers!

Hi there! You may not have heard of us yet so let’s just take a second to get to know each-other. We’re a new and affordable digital marketing company in Glendale, Arizona, and we’re helping small businesses like yours get more customers. (And it doesn’t matter if you’re a small business on the other side of the world: We can call, email or video chat!).

Maybe you want to attract customers with a new website. Perhaps you want to improve the chances of customers finding you online but don’t know how. Or maybe you want somebody to write blog posts about what makes your business so special. Well, we’re helping small businesses to do all of that and more.

What’s more, we’re offering you FREE advice and a FREE quote if you drop us a line (or ask us to give you a buzz). So even if you’re not sure which digital tricks would benefit your small business, our friendly staff is standing by to recommend ideas. And they’ll make suggestions according to your budget and goals.

Basically we have all things digital covered. This includes:

  • Building brand new websites
  • Updating your existing website
  • SEO
  • Managing your social media pages
  • Getting your small business listed on Google, Yelp etc.
  • Graphic design
  • Email marketing
  • Google Ads
  • …And if you want several of these digital services, we include in our rates one dedicated account manager to keep that all ticking over smoothly for you!

The best deals for small businesses on digital marketing

And you know what? We’re committed to giving you the best possible deal. Why? Because since we are newbies ourselves, we know how expensive going out there alone as a small business can be. Even just competing with all the big fish out there can be tough. So we’re aiming our prices at small businesses like yours. Setting them at affordable rates makes us genuinely competitive against others in the field. (And if you want to know how we’re managing to offer such affordable digital marketing services, read all about it here).

Professional services…at amazing prices

Just before we go, let’s tell you a little bit about the team. It all began when Arizona OGs, Kevin Frei and Aaron Hazelett, decided to create a completely new kind of digital marketing company. Between them they brought their experience as entrepreneurs as well as working in top-tier marketing/tech firms to build Ethical Digital.

Our unique system

Kevin and Aaron recruited some of the best contractors in the field to provide services from remote locations rather than taking a cut from your fees to pay for a fancy office. Then they set up a unique system so that every contract will be closely monitored by one of our dedicated account managers (included in our rates!).

The manager makes sure everything is running according to schedule, deals with any questions you have and generally makes everything as easy as pie for you. Every team member is also personally accountable for the quality of their work and their reputations. Hence the name – Ethical Digital!

Contact us!

So let us take the hassle out of creating a new website, updating your SEO or whatever your digital marketing needs are. Email or call us today on or schedule a call for some free advice and a quote by clicking HERE.

Ethical Digital. Helping you get the best out of digital marketing. 

By Sarah Harvey

Sarah is a journalist and content creator with over 10 years of media experience. She holds an English degree from Brunel University and has been published by Fodors, BBC Travel, Los Angeles Times and other esteemed media outlets. From a staff reporter in London to a news editor in the Maldives to a freelance journalist abroad, she has traveled wide and covered everything from tourism to fashion to politics. Currently based in the US, she also organized digital nomad community groups in Valencia and Nice that are still going strong in her absence.

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